Shopping carts

We create shopping carts and full ecommerce websites. It can be just adding simple products for sale on your existing website or a full powerful Opencart system.

With the highlight off the recent pandemic, its vital that if you have a product you can sell online, its done with ease and gives the customer the confidence to purchase online.

Custom Code

Not everything is off the shelf, sometimes you need a website to do an exact thing or function. If there is not a widget or plugin, we can make it for you. It can be in PHP, Java, SQL etc.

Adding custom functions to your website is handled all in house.

SMS Texts

Need to send client a SMS Text message? We have our own in house SMS Gateway Hub. This is capable of sending 1000’s of texts per hour.

Integrating SMS Texts into your website is the best way to make sure your customers have got your message.

Try it below, Viper will send you a text with your message from this website page.

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Virtual Local and 0800 phone numbers

When you need a phone number, but it needs to be flexible and not tied to anywhere then you need a virtual phone number.

Take for example our phone number 01522 284 284, this is a virtual number that I have redirected to my mobile.

Prices are low and short term contracts (3 months) are available

Facebook & Google Advertising Campaigns

Are you fed up of blowing your budget on boosted posts or false Google clicks? With a correctly structured Facebook / Google advert, a bespoke landing page or click funnel, your budget is wisely spent.

Click the button below to see an example of a landing page.

Video Logos

Would you like your logo making a splash on your website or social media. We can turn your logo into an animated logo.

We have a lot of templates that make it low cost, quick and easy.

An example for Premiere Signs below.

New Start up business?

We specialise in new business start ups. We arrange everything from website, registering your business with Google, setting up Facebook pages etc.

We also have part of the Viper group the facility to provide business cards, stationary, design, signs, posters, banners, vehicle sign writing, embroidered work wear etc.

All under one roof? Yes a true one stop shop for business owners.

Send us a message or call 01522 284284

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