Its always best to be transparent with prices

Lets face it, websites can vary from the young school kid in their bedroom doing you a favour for £50 to PLC agencies charging £100k +

We are not knocking the kid in their bedroom, we have seen some great examples and not disputing the large PLC web agency will do a great job either. It’s just that sometimes you want to talk to someone who has your interests at heart.

That’s where we come into our element:

  • A single point of contact 
  • Email and phone access
  • All services under one roof
  • Great service
  • Competitive prices

Lets work out how much your new website will cost

A website consists of 3 basic elements:

  1. The domain, the thing. Its like your postall address for your website.
  2. Hosting, this is where your website is stored. Your website is stored in the cloud (Cloud? its just a big computer in some big office that is connected to the internet and does not get switched off) 
  3. The content, your pages. These need producing and publishing.  


So what does a domain cost? About £5-10 for a or a .com. Some newer domain endings can cost quite a bit more.

Hosting can vary a lot depending on the computer (called a server) your website is stored on. Your website needs to be on a system with a good specification, or it will be slow to load and if too many people are on your website it can lag. Good hosting starts from £7.95 a month.

The content of your website is where your investment is. There are many ways to make a website, one of the best ways is using website editing software like WordPress. Wordress is one of the biggest platforms for creating great websites. Rather than having to make a website from scratch, using software like WordPress saves a massive amount of time. For us to create your website, it will start at £300. On average most people spend £300-600, it rather depends on what your website is needed for. Contact us for an informal chat to see how much yours would be.

What does your website need to do?

Having a website is important for many reasons, but knowing what your website needs to achive is the most important. It may be just to showcase your products or services, tell people about how great you are or let people buy online. We can make sure your website ticks all the boxes to get the result you need.

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